Draw for Commonwealth Spoons at West Lothian on 30th July

The Draw is attached there are still times available
If you would like a time please email Lesley at lesleygibb@tiscally.co.uk

Tee Time
1.00pm             Louise Thrippleton and Hilary Duggua
                        Mary Fairbairn and Margaret Forsyth

1.07                   Helen Ferry and Margaret Logan
                           Ailsa Cook and Christine Watkins

1.15                     Mavis Brown and Linda Tucker
                            Netta Hunter and Emily Heron

1.22                    Nan Provan and Shiona Scott
                          Margaret Fortheringham and Ishbel McKellar

1.30                   Eileen Perry and Doris Reid
                         Sheila McMorris and Marjorie Cuthbertson

1.36                  Rhonda Didcock and Marjorie Crichton
                        Katherine McGaffney and Jancie Moore
                       Karen Bowerman and Sheen Litster

4.15                Helen Hunter and Jill Harrison
                      Ishbel Rhind and Janie McMahon

4.22                Frances McMillan and Jackie Stevenson
                      Joie Robertson and Jean Cosgrove

4.30              Ann Richards and Angela Duggie
                   Jennifer Anderson and Dorothy Donnelly

5.00            Lindsay Sabin and Nancy Thomas
                   Jennifer Ure and Lesley Percy



5.30           Maureen Shanks and Lesley Gibb
                  Lesley Purdie  and Eileen O'Donnel
                  Mhairi Hall and Margaret McFarlane


5.45        Claire Capocci and Sandra Green
              Liz Breigan and Barbara Ryan