County Championship Matchplay

The first round mat play was played tonight in excellent conditions
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Louise Macgregor beat Mhairi Hall 4/3
Tricia Chillas beat Lesley Gibb at 20th hole
Jennifer Allan beat Elizabeth Goodwin 2up
Alison Davidson beat Winifred MacCallum 6/5
Christine Sikora beat Sarah Walker 2up
Claire Capocci beat Margaret Tough 3/2
Elaine Allison beat Margo Gardner 4/3
Laura Bissett beat Fiona Wait 4/2

The quarter finals will be played on Wednesday
5.16  Louise MacGregor v Tricia Chillas
5.24 Jennifer Allan v Alison Davidson
5.32 Christine Sikora v Claire Capocci
5.40 Elaine Allison v Laura Bissett