Report on the Inter -CountyMatches played at Mortonhall Golf Club

The East Division Inter County matches were played from 26th -28th June 2016 t Mortonhall Golf Club .
Midlothian won overall and Stirling and Clackamanna came a close second . Well Done .To get the resport click on this text
Alison Davidson, Mhairi Hall, Laura Bissett, Elaine Allison, Jennifer Allan, Louise MacGregor
Fiona Wait , Claire Capocci, Sarah Walker (Captain)
Day 1 : We played Midlothian
Louise Macgregor and Jennifer Allan lost to  Kate McIntosh and Wendy Nicholson-4&3
Claire Capocci and Elaine Allison lost toHannah Scott and  Kirsten Blackwood 5&4
Alsion Davidson and Laura Bissett beat Louise Fraser and Karen Marshall -1up
Louise MacGregor halved with Kate McIntosh
Laura Bissett beat Alison McBryde  -3&1
Mhairi Hall lost to Karen Marshall 3&1
Fiona Wait lost to Karen Ferguson- Sneddon -2 holes
Jennifer Allan lost to Wendy Nicholson - 1hole
Alsion Davidson lost to Hannah Scott 2&1
Midlothian won 6 1/2 to 2 1/2
Day 2 - we played East Lothian
Louise Macgregor and Mhairi Hall beat Mary Lou Watkins and Keren Ward 2&1
Alison Davidson and Laura Bissett beat Lesly Johnston and Stacey Cameron 4&3
Claire Capocci and Fiona Wait beat  Jane Herd and Lauren Lee 6&5
Louise Macgregor beat Joanne Free - 1 hole
Laura Bissett beat Lauren Lee -2holes
Jennifer Allan beat Keren Ward -3&2
Fiona Wait beat Stacey Cameron -2&1
Elaine Allison beat Susan Penman 5&3
Alsion Davidson lost to Maty Lou Watkins 2&1
WE WON 8-1
Day 3  we[ played Fife
Louise Macgregor and Mhairi Hall bbeat Elaine Moffat ad Lorna McKinlay 3&1
Alsion Davidson and Laura Bissett beat Susan Jackson and Lorna Bennett -1hole
Fiona Wait and Claire Capocci beat Lynn Newton and Karen Sharp
Louise Macgregor beat Susan Jackson - 2&1
Laura Bissett lost to Elaine Moffat 5&4
Jennifer Allan beat Karen Sharp 5&4
Alison Davidson beat Linda Dyball -1 hole
Elaine Allison lost to Lynn Newton 5&4
Fiona Wait halved with Lorna McKinlay
we won 6 1/2 to 2 1/2
The Overall Winners wer Midlothian  with 6 points and 23 ganes won
2nd Stirling and Clackmannan with 4 points and 17 games won
3rd East Lothian with 4 points and 7 games won
4th Fife with 0 points and 7 games won
Congratulations to Midlothian and we wish he success in he Finals at Aboyne in September
Next year we shall play at Stirling Golf Club so we shall be trying hard to win on home territory .