Draw for the County meeting at Tulliallan on 5th June 2017


The draw for the County meeting at Tulliallan has been done. Please click on this text to view it.

Draw and tee times for the Tulliallan Salver and President's Cup to be played at Tulliallan Golf Club on 5th June 2017


Draw Name Club
9.30 Laura Bissett Braehead
Winnie McCallum Falkirk Carmuirs
Helen Hunter Linlithgow
9.37 Norma Kerr Braehead
Janie McMahon Alloa
Margaret Peattie Dunblane
9.45 Sheila Hartley Braehead
Nancy Thomas Falkirk Carmuirs
Lesley Walker Linlithgow
9.52 Frances Wood Linlithgow
Catherine Simpson Dunblane
Jennifer Anderson Falkirk Carmuirs
10.00 Jackie McFadyen Linlithgow
Lindsey Wilson Falkirk Carmuirs
Ruby Logan West Lothian
10.15 Margaret Forsyth Bonnybridge
Dorothy Donnelly Falkirk Carmuirs
Linda Hardie Linlithgow
10.23 Gourlay Jenkins Tulliallan
Rhonda Didcock Tillicoultry
Shan Press Linlithgow
10.30 Barbara Ryan Tillicoultry
Linda Tucker Linlithgow
Karen Murray Glenbervie
10.38 Sheila Dixon Falkirk Carmuirs
Janet Kotchie Glenbervie
10.45 Elspeth Kent Dunblane
Gaynor Parry Linlithgow
Alison Scobie Glenbervie
12.30 Margaret McFarlane Bathgate
Elizabeth Wark Bathgate
12.38 Helen Ferry Bathgate
Margaret Logan Bathgate
12.45 Lesley Purdie Bathgate
Jessie Gardner Bathgate
12.53 Beth Lockhart Bathgate
Eileen O’Donnell Bathgate
Jan Millar Bathgate
1.00 Jean Hillis Tulliallan
Margery Cuthbertson Campsie
Sheilah McMorris Campsie
4.45 Mhari Hall Bathgate
Margaret Tough Falkirk Carmuirs
Maureen Shanks West Lothian
4.53 Sarah Walker Braehead
Lindsey Sabin Bonnybridge
Lesley Gibb West Lothian
5.00 Suzanne Nimmo Tulliallan
Josie Binnie Falkirk Carmuirs
Margaret Kenny Tillicoultry
5.08 Jacqui Golding Linlithgow
Lyn Fleming Glenbervie
Elizabeth Goodwin Glenbervie
5.15 Tammy Haycock Bathgate
Eilidh Milne Falkirk Carmuirs
5.30 Fiona Wait Bathgate
Louise McGregor Falkirk Carmuirs
5.45 Gillian Brown Bonnybridge
Helen Goodwin Glenbervie
Julie Fraser West Lothian