The Prizewinners 2017 are as follows:

Strokeplay Meeting at Stirling on 17th April 2017

Entries = 62 , Silver =40, Bronze =22 SSS=73, Par 74 , CSS 76 ( FOR REDUCTION ONLY)

Scratch :

1st Margo Gardner ( Linlithgow) -76 winner of the Innes Rosebowl

2nd Louise MacGregor ( Glenbervie– 79

Silver Handicap:

1st Jackie McFadyen (Linlithgow) 91(18)73

2nd Fiona Wait ( Bathgate) -80(5)75

Bronze Handicap

1st Jackie Farrell ( Stirling)- 97(23)74

2nd Morag Sinclair (Tillicoultry) – 102(22)80 b.i.h.

Championship Qualifying Strokeplay Competition at West Lothian on Friday 5th May 2017

Entries = 50, Silver =40, Bronze =10 SSS=72, Par 73 , CSS 74

Scratch :

1st Louise MacGregor ( Glenbervie) -76 (winner of the Captain's Prize)

2nd Lesley Gibb ( West Lothian - 77

Silver Handicap:

1st Winifred MacCallum ( Falkirk)-81(10)71 bih( winner of the Captain’s prize)

2nd Maureen Shanks (West Lothian) - 82(11)71

Bronze Handicap

1st Kay Barton (Linlithgow)-95(22)73

Strokeplay meeting played at Falkirk GC on Monday 22nd May 2017

Entries= 50 , Silver 27, Bronze 23. SSS=71 , CSS=73


1st Margaret Tough (Falkirk) 74

Silver Handicap

1st Alison Goodwin (Glenbervie) 74 (8) 66 winner of the Stirling Ladies Cup

2nd Winifred MacCallum (Falkirk) 78 (10) 68

Bronze Handicap

1st Dorothy Donnelly (Falkirk) 96 (22) 74

2nd Ann Parker (Braehead) 101 (25) 76

Strokeplay meeting played at Glenbervie GC on 23rd June 2017

Entries= 71 , Silver 48, Bronze 23. Sss=73 CSS =76


1st Louise MacGregor (Glenbervie) -75

2nd Alison Davidson (Stirling)-77

Silver Handicap

1st Alison Goodwin ( Glenbervie) -78(6)72

2nd Jennifer Allan ( Glenbervie)- 77(2)75

3rd Winifred MacCallum ( Falkirk)-85(9)76

Bronze Handicap

1st Susan Hagan (Glenbervie)-91(21)70 winner of the McGrigor Cup

2nd Mary Jimenez (Glenbervie)- 95(22)73

Strokeplay Meeting at Falkirk Tryst for the Jean Buchanan Trophy and the President’s Cup on 7th August 2017

Entries =57 Silver 39, Bronze 18 Sss=71 , Css=72


1st Louise MacGregor – 71 (Glenbervie) winner of the Presidents Cup


1st Margaret Tough ( Falkirk)-76(6)70 b.i.h.

2nd Laura Bissett (Braehead) -74(4) 70

3rd Margaret Logan (Bathgate)- 88(17)71


1st Eileen O’Donnell (Bathgate)- 69 winner of the Jean Buchanan Trophy

2nd Mary Jimenez (Glenbervie)- 96(21)74

Stableford at Bathgate for the Tulliallan Salver and the Stableford Trophy on 17th August 2017

Entries=32, Silver 21, Bronze 11. SSS =70, CSS=71

Silver Handicap

1st Fiona Wait (Bathgate) – 39 points -winner of the Tulliallan Salver and Stableford Trophy

2nd Claire Capocci (Bridge of Allan) -38 points

Bronze Handicap

1st Tammy Haycock (Bathgate)-34 points

Commonwealth Spoons foursomes played at Braehead Golf Club on 17th July 2017

Entries =23

1st Shan Press and Gaynor Parry (Linlithgow) 103(27.5)75.5

2nd Aileen Lee( Stirling) and Janie McMahon( Alloa) 93(14)79 bih

Millennium Trophy :Played for at Bathgate on 17th August

Winners : Bathgate (210) 2nd Bonnybridge (226)

Nimmo Trophy:

Louise MacGregor

Order of Merit:

4th equal : Laura Bisset & Fiona Wait - 80

3rd Margaret Tough - 100

2nd Margo Gardner -120

1st Louise MacGregor -200

Winter Round Robin:


Frances Wood and Lesley Walker (Linlithgow)

Margaret Logan and Margaret McFarlane (Bathgate)

Runners-Up :

Linda Tucker and Agnes Martin (Linlithgow)


Winifred MacCallum and Fiona Ross (Falkirk and Glenbervie)


Grant Allison:

Runners- Up

Louise MacGregor and Tricia Chillas


Laura Bissett and Margo Gardner


Pullar Cup

Runner Up: Karen Murray (Glenbervie)

Winner: Elizabeth Goodwin (Glenbervie)



Handicap Strokeplay Championship: Katie Liddle (Glenbervie)

Scratch Strokeplay Champion: Natalie Fowler (Bathgate)

Matchplay Championship: Runner –Up: Katie Liddle (Glenbervie)

Winner: Orla Fitzpatrick (Stirling)

COUNTY CHAMPION 2017 – Mhairi Hall




the Pizewiiners for 2016 are as  follows:

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Strokeplay Meeting at Stirling Golf Club on 19th April 2016

Entries =51 Silver 32 , Bronze 19. SSS=73, CSS=76


1st Louise MacGregor (Falkirk) -75 Winner of the Innes Rosebowl

Silver Handicap

1st Aileen Lee (Stirling) -88(16)72 bih

2nd Lesley Gibb (West Lothian) -78(6)72

Bronze Handicap

1st Cathie Donnelly (Linlithgow) 104(26)78

2nd Jackie Farrell (Stirling) 101(22)79

Championship Qualifying played at Tulliallan on 5th May 2016

Entries =54 Silver 37 , Bronze 17 LGUSS 72 , CSS=73


1st Linda Allan - 74(Falkirk Tryst ) Winner of the Captain’s Prize already presented

Silver Handicap

1st Mhairi Hall (Bathgate ) 76(6)70 Winner of the Captain’s Prize-already presented

2nd Tricia Chillas (Stirling) 80(8) 72

Bronze Handicap

1st Eileen Perry (Tillicoultry) 99(26)73

2nd Janice Craig (Falkirk Tryst) 98(22)76

Strokeplay Meeting played at Falkirk on 23rd May 2016

Entries =39 Silver 27, Bronze 12 SSS=73 CSS=74


1st Louise MacGregor - 74

Silver Handicap

1st Fiona Wait (Bathgate) -77(5)72 bih – winner of the Stirling Ladies Cup

2nd Morgan Graham (Falkirk) -84(12)72

Bronze Handicap

1st Shan Press (Linlithgow) -106(29)77 bih

Strokeplay Meeting at West Lothian on 20th June 2016

Entries=32, Silver 21, Bronze 11. SSS=72,CSS=72


1st Laura Bissett ( Braehead)-75

Silver Handicap

1st Margo Gardner (Linlithgow) -72(5)67 winner of the Tulliallan Salver

Bronze Handicap

1st Beth Lockhart (Bathgate)-96(25)71.

Strokeplay Meeting played at Glenbervie Golf Club on 24th June 2016

Entries =56, Silver 42, Bronze 14 SSS=73 CSS=75


1st Jennifer Allan (Glenbervie)-70 winner of the President’s Cup and the President’s Prize

2nd Linda Allan (Falkirk Tryst)-79

Silver Handicap

1st Alison Goodwin (Glenbervie) 80(8)72 winner of the McGrigor Cup

2nd Jean Hillis (Tulliallan) 93(19)74

Bronze Handicap

1st Karen Bowerman (Linlithgow) 97(22)75 bih

2nd Barbara McLeod (Glenbervie) 107(32) 75

Strokeplay Meeting played at Falkirk Tryst on 1st August 2016

Entries =49 Silver 30, Bronze 19 SSS=71, CSS=71


1st Louise MacGregor (Falkirk) 74

Silver Handicap

1st Fiona Logan (Tulliallan) 86(18)68 winner of the Jean Buchanan Trophy

2nd Fiona Ross ( Glenbervie ) 85(16)69

Bronze Handicap

1st Morag Sinclair ( Tillicoultry) 95(21)74

2nd Shelagh McMorris( Campsie) 95(24)75

Stableford played at Linlithgow on 11th August 2016

Entries= 24, Silver 13, Bronze 11 SSS 71 , PAR 72, CSS 74

Silver Handicap

1st .Sheila Hartley ( Braehead) – 36 points

2nd. Lesley Gibb ( West Lothian) – 34 points

Bronze Handicap

1st. Agnes Martin ( Linlithgow) -34 points

Commonwealth Spoons Foursomes played at Alloa Golf Club on 18th July 2016

Entries: 24 teams

1st Isabel Rhind and Janie McMahon (Alloa)- 87(13.5) 73.5

2nd Margaret Tough and Lindsay Wilson (Falkirk) -82(8)74

Millennium Trophy for the best here nett scores from a club at the Falkirk Meeting.

Winners : Falkirk (72,73,76)=221

Nimmo Trophy
(for the lowest gross score in three county meetings)

Louise MacGregor (Falkirk) 2,1,3 =6

Order of Merit

1st Louise MacGregor – 230 points

2nd Linda Allan 160

3rd Laura Bissett 140

4th Margo Gardner 120

5th Lesley Gibb 100